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You apply pressure to your gaping wound, rip off a sleeve of your shirt and turn it into a tourniquet, and wait for the bleeding to stop. Suddenly, you hear a strange Grue-like noise off to the south. It's probably being drawn to you by the scent of your blood. You spin around quickly and see an enormous, white Grue approaching you.

You've never seen this kind of Grue before, and that makes you even more scared. The Grue opens its mouth and lets out a terrible roar. A flash of bright white light overwhelms you and you're knocked unconscious.

> wake up

You're surprised that you can even wake up at all - that weird white Grue looked like it wanted to eat you. For some bizarre reason, you're completely covered from head to toe with some kind of green slime.

> clean up

You rub your face clean with your hand and try to get some of the ooze off your clothes. Exhausted by the long day, you let out a magnificent yawn and stretch your arms.

And then it finally dawns on your that your missing arm has been reconnected to the rest of your body. Deciding not to risk losing it again, you ignore your pocket and continue on your journey.