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 Pharaoh's Tomb Score: 150 Moves: 58

> fire light cannon

You know, those ancient civilisations may have been able to infuse their royal tombs with enough tricks and magic wards to stop most of the tools of the modern-day grave robber, but light cannons powered by awesomeness are not what they were anticipating. The cannon blast crumbles the door before it has a chance to scream.

> wait, the door could have had a chance to scream?

Well, uh, yeah. Not that it could have used it, of course.

> northwest

At last! You find yourself in the Cursed Tomb of Harry S. Grueman, 1st Pharaoh of the Grue Knighted States!

There is a solid gold coffin in the center of the room, and a valuable Egyptian sceptre lies beside it!

> get sceptre

You snag the sceptre! After waving it around like a baton twirler, you slip it into your back pocket, where it sinks deep inside.

> get coffin

Riding the adrenaline rush from your tomb raiding, you forget your own physical limits and lift the entire six-foot-long solid gold coffin up into the air with one hand, and shove it straight into your back pocket! There must've been some magic in those old cargo pants you found, because you can still walk around as if the coffin in your back pocket weighed nothing!

> inv

You have the brass lantern (providing light), the keychain, clothes, the butcher's knife, the crowbar, the ID card, the light cannon, the Pot of Gold, the Beautiful Painting, the Brass Bauble, the Egyptian Sceptre, the Solid Gold Coffin, Harry S. Grueman's mummified corpse, and the Pharaoh's Curse.

> wait, the Pharaoh's Curse?

I did mention that this is the Cursed Tomb of Harry S. Grueman.

> Yaaaaaaaahhhh! A CURSE! Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!

Don't worry - the Pharaoh's Curse will only come into effect in 20 turns. With your luck you'll be eaten by a fuzzy pickle before then.