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 End of the Maze Score: 120 Moves: 58

> examine statue of Elvis impersonator

This granite doppelganger has more than a passing resemblance to the Pelvis himself. Of course, some aspects of the King's attire are so impractical for exploring a place like this that you can't help but pity this formerly fleshy fool.

Like the sunglasses. Seriously, who wears sunglasses in a dungeon? Someone who's asking for a vagina to sneak-attack him, that's who.

> take sunglasses. examine sunglasses


It appears that they're of the Peril-Sensitive variety of sunglasses - the lenses fill with black whenever something perilous comes into view, thus preserving the wearer's sense of security. Hah, chump. I suppose he's also got his blankie and his teddy in that costume somewhere.

> take blankie, teddy

Rule of Zork #3: objects mentioned in throwaway gags are not part of the game universe.