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 Silvery Dome Score: ? Moves: ?

The music swells in the background as you bare your heart to your true love, whip off your glasses and leap into her surprised and uncomfortably hairy arms. You press your lips against her cow-like snout, and the moment seems to last forever as waves of emotion overcome the both of you. At last, you've done it. You didn't think you had the courage, but now, even though nothing can save her now, your love for her will go on forever.

Unfortunately, her hair does not appreciate this forthright act, and swiftly bites you to death before she can even open her eyes to petrify you, and then die horribly from the Phraraoh's Curse, and then get obliterated from existence by an unexpected earthquake that happens for no reason.

SUDDENLY! You are on a cloud in deep space, and there is a man standing in front of you.

> examine man

He appears to be Anubis, the God of Death.

What would you like to do?