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 Maze Score: 130 Moves: 56

You step into what appears to be the obligatory maze portion of the game. You know, the annoying part where you have to navigate all these twisty little passages, all of which are pretty much identical. You know, the reason you used to buy those companion books with all the maps.

> look map

Nice try.

> look around

Well, it's cozy. A little too medieval dungeon for your personal tastes. The headless corpse of Prince Dashing lays on the ground next to you. He was likely a victim of the Kool-Aid Man. Hey, did you ever think that maybe that's where all these passages came from?

> try not to think about it

Probably a good idea.

> inv

You've got the brass lantern (providing light), a light cannon powered by your own awesome, clothes, the ID card, a crowbar, that poor kid's keychain, and that useless butcher knife. You also have the following treasures: a Pot of Gold, a Beautiful Painting, and a Brass Bauble.