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 longestgruefight2 Score: 10 Moves: 0

> WTF? Attack the Ur-Grue already!

Just for that, the Ur-Grue gets to go first.

The Ur-Grue attacks with Detergent-bottle Crusher for 12 damage. You have 88 hitpoints left.

> use extreme sarcasm

You attack with extreme sarcasm -

"Oh no, an ur-grue! It's a grue, but it begins with ur! I'm so scared of those two extra letters!"

- hitting the Ur-Grue for 55 damage and delaying his next turn. He has 160 hitpoints left.

> fire light cannon

You take advantage of the time gap and ready your light-mod to your laser cannon, which normally takes two turns.

The Ur-Grue casts melbor. +35 defense to light cannons. Apparently he is still affected by your initial attack, though it is unclear how long that will last.

You fire your light-modded laser cannon. Damage is reduced by 35, but the Ur-Grue is still hit for 40. You, 88/100 HP. Ur-Grue, 120/215 HP.

The Ur-Grue casts conbak on himself, adding +20 to his defense to light cannons and giving 20% reduction of sarcasm damage. Suddenly you think this guy might actually deserve those two letters. Any lesser Grue would have died quickly from your initial attack.

> taunt

You start taunting his "pathetic cowardice", but it seems to have minimal effect. 4 damage done to the Ur-Grue. You, 88/100 HP. Him, 116/215 HP.

The Ur-Grue eats your right arm off, healing him and hurting you for 40 HP. You, 48/100, Ur-Grue, 156/215.