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 Maze Score: 160 Moves: 87

You skillfully cut the bolts and free the ladder from its bolty prison. Just then, the ladder is engulfed in a burst of smoke, and a gaseous figure wearing a turban appears!

> talk to genie

The gaseous figure is reviled! "You insensitive clod! I'm most clearly a sylph! But just because I happen to wear a turban, and just because I was imprisoned inside that ladder, you go ahead and lump me in with those oily cretins!"

It literally works itself into a huff. "Well, I was planning on enacting a very lethal revenge on that Wizzard for imprisoning me, but I think I'll let him live, just to spite you! Ha!"

The figure grumpily floats away into an anachronistic ceiling vent, but as it departs it mutters "Oh, alright, I guess I owe you something. Here!"

The burnt ladder before you magically transforms into the Platinum Utility Ladder!

> pick up ladder

Despite the fact that the ladder is roughly ten feet tall, you still manage to slide it easily into your back pocket. What skill!

> inv

You've got your trusty brass lantern, soiled clothes, the ID card, a crowbar, bolt cutters, that poor kid's keychain, and that useless butcher knife. You also have the following treasures: a Pot of Gold, a Beautiful Painting, a Platinum Utility Ladder, and a Brass Bauble.