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 Cottage Score: 100 Moves: 11

> Back away

You back away from the door just as you hear a soft clicking sound and a sharp pain in your arm. You look over to see a tranquilizer dart sticking out of your arm, though already starting to trip out from inhaling the orange smoke, the tranq only makes it more potent. Two uniformed figures rush you through the door and you raise your hands and blast them away with pink lightning. The two Park Rangers fly into and through the walls.

> Look at hands

You look at your hands. They're flashing and glowing different colours at random, and pink lightning is jumping between your fingers.

> Look

You look around the room. Almost everything seems to have changed. The pig statue is laughing, and the apple is twisting in it's hands. The walls look like they're melting, though that could be because of the heat of your lightning. You feel a tingling sense of power throughout your whole body and wonder what else you can do.

What a perfect time to find out!