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 Call a Linux Guru Score: ? Moves: ?

> call linux grue

In a record 17 seconds, a linux grue comes and fixes the computer. It then eats you.

> what?

You forgot that you called a grue, not a guru.

> undo

Fine. UNDO. Time goes backwards.

> call linux GURU

In a record 16 seconds, a Linux guru comes and solves your problems.

> smile

The guru turns out to be a grue.


I'm sorry, but all gurus are grues.

> kill narrator

You killed the narrator.

> Now I can type win without a grue eating me!

> win


> Yay!

NOT! For killing the narrator, you are eaten by a grue.

> cancel

The new narrator ceases to exist, as well as the grue.

> become god

Fine. You become god.


You are eaten by the god of grues.

> point out that gods can't die

So what? You got eaten anyway.

> undo

The grue ceases to exist.

> destroy a random city

Idiot. You just blew up Free Country, USA!

> what?

You are killed by an angry mob of Homestar Runner fans. And Strong Bad.

> un-

Your god powers have been taken away.

*** You've been beaned! ***

Would you like to get beaned, get beaned, or get beaned? (type BEANED, BEANED, or BEANED):