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 Now you've done it! Score: -1000 Moves: -1000

> piss off narrator

In a feeble attemp to mock your god, the narrator, you drop your pants and moon the sky.

Suddenly a Grue appears and shoves a toaster full of hornets up your ass.

The hornets sting your rectum until you pass out.

When you wake up you are hanging upsidedown from the tree by your scrotum and your hands have been severed.

The toaster is still in your ass.

You are left there to hang and every once and awhile a cute young grue-ette come and feeds you a Potion of Full Revive. Then she bites your hands off again.

This is how you spend the rest of eternity. Because of the Grues' secret Potion you live forever.

Since you don't die there is no restart link.