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 Codemaster vs. shatterAngel Score: 0 Moves: 0

You cast Master Scan (Lv.5 Scan) on shatterAngel



HP: 1630/2200

MSP: ???/???

Spells Available:

- EarthLightning Blast (Cost: 750 MSP) -> Will suddenly appear out of nowhere and strike... FAST. Better avoid it.

- Frostfire Hammer Strike (Cost: 150 MSP) -> Needs a charge to use, but is actually weaker than you think.

- Solar Flash Distortion (Cost: 1150 MSP) -> Will create a large amount of pressure... Don't try and block this one...

- Omega Armageddon (Cost: 9000 MSP) -> C:\> Void_ C:\> Error_

- Electro Storm Shocker (Cost: 800 MSP) -> The air will tingle as the electric charge increases. You must have good reflexes and evasion to even survive this one...

- Miracle Cure (Cost: 10,000 MSP) -> Heals target to Full HP... and its too late... she's using this after you finish reading this.

- Quick Move (Cost: 3000 MSP) -> Can be cast after doing another action. Gives target an extra action but can only be cast once per turn.


shatterAngel: ~What are you doing???~ *casts Miracle Cure and uses 10,000 MSP*

You: Nothing much.... hey! you just healed yourself!!


2200/2200 HP ???/??? MSP


You feel that shatterAngel is going to do something really quickly...