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> Turn to the right

You turn to the right. As you drive, you begin to feel more and more tired, but shake it off. It occurs to you that you haven't had much sleep lately. Suddenly, as you are nodding, off, your headlights strike a series of flashing barricades on the road. You slam on the brakes and the car screeches across the road and slams directly into a small storage building off to one side.

> Examine damage

Steam is bubbling from the crushed radiator of the car. It's not going anywhere.

> Leave Car

You step out of the sedan, slamming the door behind you. The barricades blocking the way are marked, 'ROAD CLOSED' and are equipped with flashing hazard lights.

> Kick Barricade

Ah, that made you feel much better. After kicking down one of the road barricades, you decide you can abandon the car and proceed past them on foot. Construction on the road seems to have ended for the night, as the area beyond the barricades is deserted. On the other hand, you could proceed through the dark forest on the side of the road as well.