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 Set #1, Take III Score: 0 Moves: 17

> go right

You march into a dingy hallway. The floors could sure use some scrubbing.

> tiptoe gingerly

Suddenly, you hear a strange clanking behind you.

> turn around

You have come face to face with a leering skull inside a knight's helmet.

> boy, you sure is ugly

I don't know about you, but the average skeletoid warrior and his brother are normally very self conscious about their fine, beautiful, faces.

> wait...what is he doing?

What do you think? Does raising a two-handed sword over your delicate starfruit of a head give any hints?



*** Died you have ***

To start over would you like, a saved position restore, or this session of Zork end? (RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT type):