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 The Lion's Den Score: 10 Moves: 23

> Catcall

You whistle casually. Apparently a waste of time, because the only hot person in this game is a hundred miles and two thousand moves away.

> Did....did they hear me?

No, they did not hear you. Sheesh, get a real life. And I would be far more worried right now about what did hear you - just sayin'.

> uh-oh

You made a freakin' CATcall, what the hell do you expect? So yeah, every lion in the jungle responded.

> run like hell

And just who do you think you are? Jesse Owens? Anyone lazy enough to waste their time on this text is a shitty little fatling, anyway. You are devoured before you can scream.

It appears that the last blow was too much for you. I'm afraid that you are dead.

As you take your last breath, you feel relieved of your burdens. The feeling passes as you find yourself before the gates of Hell, where the spirits jeer at you and deny you entry. Your senses are disturbed. The objects in the dungeon appear indistinct, bleached of color, even unreal.

> examine me

You appear to be made of a translucent floating white substance. There seems to be a golden halo hovering above your head.