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> How do I solve the maze?

InvisiClues for this question (move your mouse over the black-on-black text one line at a time):

? 1) You could keep your hand on the left wall while walking.

? 2) Or you could drop items in all of the rooms to tell them apart.

? 3) Or you could use the golden thread that the Greek chick gave you.

? 4) Or you could switch off your brass lantern, thus revealing the glow-in-the-dark arrows painted on the ground.

? 5) Or you could use logic and deduction based on how the two-digit number in the page name is incremented based on your direction of travel.

? 6) Or you could just type random two-digit numbers there and hope that you get the right one.

? 7) Or you could realize the layout of this maze is identical to one found in King's Quest V.

? 8) Sigh... east, east, east, east, north, north, north, east, north, east, north, north, west, west, north. Shame on you.