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> How do I bring Aeris back to life?

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? First, use a gazillion phoenix downs on her. Then, take the disc out and cram it into an NES. Boot up the NES to access what appears to be Super Mario Bros. Access the Minus World and you will encounter a cow. Kill the grue without ever attacking to unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64. Get that game out on your N64, and start a new file with Luigi. After obtaining 121 stars, shove the cartridge up your ass. Then pour gasoline on your head and light a match. Throw your N64 out the window, then die a slow, painful death. You will be revived in Ocarina of Time as Link. Get the Triforce and Stop 'n' Swop it over to Banjo Kazooie. After you have completed this task, absolutely nothing will happen.

? If you thought reviving Aeris was possible, you are an idiot.