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 Laboratory Score: 30 Moves: 25

> attack the hermit

The hermit starts to froth in fury and out of his stomach pops a grue. Ha Ha.. no, really. Luckily in two deft motions you defeat the psycho hermit and the grue spawnling. Unfortunately, all grues know you killed a grue baby. You'll need some public relations work after this. Some strange item seems to be in the hermit's pocket.

> take strange item from pocket

You take the ancient artefact

> examine artifact

You can't see any such thing.

> examine artefact

Ha. That'll teach you.

It looks like a silver ring, but it seems to be irradiating a green light and is soothingly warm to hold and touch.

Oh, I almost forgot. He has a pot of gold. Yeah, I thought it was leprechauns too, but there you go. Maybe he mugged one on the way in.

> take gold

You take the pot of gold.