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 Corridor Score: 65 Moves: 39

> go left

You take the left branch. As you round the corner, several grues come in to view. You think to yourself. "Grues can't stand the light... How can they be here, in a well-lit corridor?"

> back away slowly

You begin to back away, but suddenly feel an unbearable urge to cough. Before you can attempt to muffle the noise, a large "Mhmph" comes out, and the grues all turn around. There's not just dozens of them... Grues. Dozens of them. All wearing sunglasses.

> use spray bottle

You quickly whip out your spray bottle and use it. All of their sunglasses disappear, and the Grues clutch their eyes in pain and belt off down the corridor in pursuit of dark corners.

> look

You see a door labelled "card storage". There's a sign to the left of it labelled "waste disposal" but curiously there's no accompanying door.