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 Zombie Aeris Score: -51688 Moves: 454

Unfortunately, waving for Zombie Aeris is a LOT stupider than screaming for her. Aeris waves back in a friendly manner, states that you should hurry up and find something else to smash the crystal with, then turns her back just to miss seeing the Grue and it eating you.

She also never sees the Grue itself when she does a double-take, as it exploded from your light sources.

Now stop fooling around and get back to your own save file. Pie Slayer, the one who nearly found the secret ending with this file, is already pissed.

He's already got his homies, waiting in the Unix Command Line you got dumped in since your official 30th Zork death, ready to kick your ass.

Muffin Slayer steps forward. His comrade Cupcake Slayer hands him an oversized shield.