Game:Wizards of Power MMORPG/Knock on shop door

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 Hallucinations! Score: 0 Moves: 2

You knock gently on the shop door.

> <insert name here>: Is anyone there?

> Man: No.

> <insert name here>: You're there!

> Man: No I'm not.

> <insert name here>: But you're inside the shop.

> Man: How do you know? I could be a figment of your imagination. It's a clear possibility.

> <insert name here>: Ugh! Could you at least tell me what this city is called?

> Man: Dreams or hallucinations don't hold information. That only happens in sci-fi movies and computer games. In fact, I'm just telling you what you already know yet you are too warped from reality to believe me. My mind is recreated from your neural signals. C'mon, you know basic Science, don't you? My existence is proof.

> <insert name here>: ...