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 The City Score: 300 Moves: 5

Current players in your immediate surroundings are: Fluffyman17, Frosky, Kenya East.

> Kenya East: Selling Anti Dragon Shields for the SUPER low price of 300G each! Selling Anti Dragon Shields for a limited time only, get yours today!

It seems like an obvious scam for noobs in your mind, so you are keen to watch the merchant and see if anyone gets fooled into it. Fluffyman17 approaches the man, hands over his 300G, and gets an Anti Dragon Shield in return!

> Fluffyman17: Pleazure dooing bisness wiv you

> Kenya East: And you too. Have a nice day!

He then scuttles off into the distance, disappearing into a gradually thickening crowd of questers and shoppers. Fluffy, desperate to test out his new shield, attacks a (HOB)goblin standing near a meat shop on your right. After all, if it can protect you from dragons, SURELY it can protect from you goblins.

Fluffyman17 (300HP) attacks (HOB)goblin (1000HP) with Butter Knife for 0DMG. Added status: Extreme Boredom! All attacks executed from now on by the opponent will end in a Critical Hit!

(HOB)goblin (1000HP) attacks Fluffyman17 (300HP) with Iron Fist for 250DMG! Critical Hit!

Fluffyman17 (50HP) flees the scene! He charges towards the city gates, in your direction. Will you finish him?