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 Virtual MCSE

r00-03 536f2079 6f75206d 616e6167 65642074
r04-07 6f207472 616e736c 61746520 74686973
r08-11 20696e74 6f20456e 676c6973 682e2057
r12-15 656c6c20 646f6e65 2120596f 75206b6e
r16-19 6f772c20 74686572 65206172 65206f74
r20-23 68657220 70656f70 6c65206f 75742074
r24-27 68657265 202d206a 75737420 6c696b65
r28-31 20796f75 202d2077 686f2061 6c736f20
sr0-3 68617665 206e6f20 6c696665 2e594f55
sr4-7 27564520 4245454e 2050574e 45442121

Kernel panic. Core dumped. System restart