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 Wand! Score: 13 Moves: 13

Hopefully you are some sort of wizard, because using you dim wit you decide to use the wand. You say some rubbish speel you read in the book, and green light shoots out of the wand and goes into hagrid. He dies. The dog is still gnawing on your leg. You do the same thing. It dies.

> nice!

Yeah, smooth. You see several useful things in Hagrids cabin. A dragon's egg, tea packets, and his umbrella. Not to mention beef jerky. You might need all of them.

> Pick up supplies

Now you venture back out the door because you could blow those grues away. But when you open the door, you are no in a cold, wet cave. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a cave grue.

> Inventory

You have a wand, two dollars, an egg, an umbrella, some tea, and beef jerky. What do you wish to do?