Game:The City/hologram

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 Hologram Score: 3 Moves: 7

You stand in a battle position, waiting for the grues to come in. You planning on fighting back. But as they get closer, they flicker slightly. You relax. It turns out they were all just holograms, so you are safe. The hologram machine was in a tree, so you knock it out and it breaks You are safe for now.

> what's that supposed to mean?

What do you think? There are still two urban grues at the gate. They were real. Now they want to eat you. They are hungry. You are the only food. You run to the feild, but three baseball grues await you there. You take out the bat you acquired and stand ready for battle. But those two grues at the gate sneak up behind you and eat you.

*** You have died ***

Smooth one, sucker.