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 Death 2 Score: Your momma Moves: Is fat

The paperclip rope is about to crash on top of you. But suddenly, an old crow grabs the end of the rope in its beak and carries it up! It flies with it into the window and flies out with no more rope.

> tug rope

You tug the paperclip rope to make sure it is securely fastened. It feels good.

> climb rope

You climb the paperclip rope and suddenly plummet back to the ground again. You were only a metre up. How could you have fallen?


You realise the paperclip rope is collecting in a heap next to you. Confused, you look up and die.

> wait....WHAT???

It just happens that the old crow was actually a flying Grue who fastened the rope to a brick. Your head is crushed. And the flying Grue comes back, steals piece after piece of your brain and feeds them to its baby Grue chicks.

*** You have been trololo'd by a flying Grue ***

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