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> north

You approach the large office, key in hand, and put it in the lock. Unfortunately for you, the key snaps in two, revealing chocolate inside. It appears you just got scammed twice.

> Oh come on now, there's got to be some way to win the game!

Hm... maybe... but, unfortunately, you just lost the game by talking about it.

> I meant this game!

Oh... right, just as you put the chocolate key inside the keyhole, a Grue jumps out of an open window on the 7th floor to meet his doom on the flat pavement. He must've been attracted to the smell of chocolate and human flesh. But hey, he left a window open... 7 stories above you. Darn, if only you had a ladder.

> Examine hopefully dead Grue

Interesting... he's still breathing! I guess he didn't meet his doom after all? Luckily for you, it looks like he won't be conscious for a while... although, I'd leave the site now if I were you.