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 Money Order Score: 0 Moves: 2

> Pay By Money Order

You send twenty U.S. dollars (Plus tax and shipping) to the address you find on the registration webpage. As it turns out, to register, you have to buy a registration CD if you pay by money order. On the Zork webpage, it says that the delivery should take 5-6 weeks if you choose to order a CD via Money Order. 6 weeks later, you look in your mailbox constantly only to find that there's no copy of Zork delivered yet. You have a feeling that you've been scammed.

Finally, after about 2 months, you finally find a large package in your mailbox. You open it up, hoping that it's the Zork CD, only to find a live grue inside. It eats you whole. They must've mailed it to the wrong address and got you confused with somebody else. Sucks to Be You, Eh?

> Say F-Word

Hey, no swearing in my Game! Just for that, your soul gets devoured by a spiritual grue!

*** Your Soul has Been Devoured ***

Would you like to Quit, or Register Zork?