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> Switch Controls to Manual

Ok... you switch the controls to manual. After you do so, the Autopilot/Manual knob falls out and rolls into a hole. The plane immediately starts to go down, with it's nose pointed downward. You are 1 mile above the ground, quickly plunging downward.

> Attempt to Pilot Plane

You see hundreds of buttons, and something that looks like a steering mechanism. You try to use the mechanism, but it won't budge. There must be some kind of "Safety Lock", or something, to prevent accidents. You are now about 5,000 feet from the Ground.

> Read Instruction Manual

You find the instructions for the plane, but they seem to be written in some illegible foreign language you don't understand. You are now 300 feet above the ground, seconds from death.

> Panic and Jump out

You jump hundreds of feet out of the sky without a parachute, hit your head on some sharp rocks, and die from brain damage. Wolves pick at your corpse.

*** You have Died ***

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