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 Battle between the Strange guy and you

You(10) attack Strange Guy(25) with +3Sword of Noobishness.

Strange Guy loses 4 HP.(21)

Strange Guy(21) attacks you(10) with Sword of Normalness.

You lose 2 HP.(8)

You(8) attack Strange Guy(21) with +3Sword of Noobishness.

Your attack misses.

Strange Guy(21) attacks you(8) with Sword of Normalness.

You lose 2 HP.(6)

The Immigration officer(200) interfere's, and attacks you(6) with Bow of Over-enchanted-over-gnomes

Immigration officer(200) misses, and accidently shoots Strange Guy, who loses 50 HP.(dead)

--The battle ends. Immigration Officer says "Whoops", and then runs away. You acquire 100 gold, a Sword of Normalness and a Alien Ship Key.

You now have a +3 sword of noobishness, 320 gold, a Sword of Normalness, a Alien Ship Key, and a pooper-scooper that is enchanted to take 3 HP rather than 1.

Look for an Alien Ship

Follow the Immigration Officer