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 Attack Immigration Officer

You(10) attack Immigration Officer(200) with 3+Sword of Noobness.

You(10) hit Immigration Officer for 4 HP.(196)

Immigration Officer(196) attacks You(10) with Bow of over-enchanted-over-gnomes

Immigration Officer(196) hits You(10) for 50 HP.(dead)

***You have died***

All your items have been dropped where you died. This means they'll be raided by hungry noobs!

...or NOT!

WHAT??! No way, you can't change something after THAT!

Yes I can.

No, you can't.

Just watch and see.

Administator(Inf.) ressurects You(25) with full health.

Administrator(Inf.) tells you not to go to California in the future.

Administrator(Inf.) takes your belongings, and gives you the starting equipment.

Administrator (Inf.) teleports you back to the Noob's starting area.

Go back to Noob's starting area

Umm... that didn't change anything at all. The player gets back to the start either way.

Yes, but he didn't die!

He DID die, just got ressurected.

Ok, whatever...