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Do you think that this is David Mamet? Why? Because it is an image on a web page titled "David Mamet"? Fucking? It is an image of a man on a web page titled "David Mamet", but the man is not David Mamet. Fuck.

David Mamet: A play by David Mamet. Premiered 2010 at the Uncyclopedia Arts Festival, in cooperation with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


  • Joe Mantegna as David Mamet
  • Rebecca Pidgeon as Lindsay Crouse

Act 1:

David: Hello.

Lindsay: Hello?

David: Hello. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Lindsay: Are you David-

David: What do you want?

Lindsay: Mamet? Are you David Mamet?

David: You want to know about David Mamet? The fuck? Is that what you want?

Lindsay: I-

David: Proof. You want proof?

Lindsay: Proof of-

David: Proof. Nothing was ever proved.

Lindsay: You-

David: OK. OK? I will tell you. I will tell you what you want to know. I will tell you.

Lindsay: Now.

David: Now? Does that answer your question? Fuck. What did I just tell you?

Lindsay: I-

David: Fuck. (Pause) What did I just tell you before I said "does that answer your question"? Fuck. I told you that "nothing was ever proved." (Pause) Did I tell you that? I did tell you that. Nothing was ever proved. (Pause) I rest my case.

Lindsay: Your-

David: What evidence do we really have that any of this story is true? What kind of proof? I will tell you. None! I just told you that.

Lindsay: David is-

David: Why are you asking me about David Mamet? (Pause) Why are you asking me about David Mamet? Why are are you asking me about David Mamet? Are you a fucking-?

Lindsay: Is it that you (Pause) are an essentially trusting person?

(The phone rings. David answers)

David: Hello?

Lindsay: Do ...you see me as trustworthy?

David (into phone): No. Please. (to Lindsay): Do you have an urgent need to trust people? Would you like to make love with me?

Lindsay: OK.

David: Since you trust me, ...(Pause) Now I will tell you the truth.

Lindsay: Truth?

David: (To phone) Hello...? Fuck. (hangs up phone, speaks to Lindsay) The truth is what I will tell you. (pause) Does that satisfy you? Does that prove what you have been saying?

Lindsay: You-

David: I hope it does. I hope it does. You are in a lot of trouble. (pause) You are in a lot of trouble. It just goes to show. It just goes to show.

Lindsay: What?

David: What does it just go to show? That nothing was ever proved. Fuck.