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aspiringgayguy@closet ~ $ man chgay

 chgay(1) chgay(1)       SYNOPSIS   chgay - changes the gayness of a person   chgay [-sexchange] [-dressinpink] [-bear]   GAYNESSLEVEL PERSON   use "chgay -explore" to see how gayness can change you.   use "chgay -abort" to NOT remove gayness, as homosexual recruitment is inevitable.       DESCRIPTION   chgay changes the gayness of the person given as input. It is said that   gayness is inherent and that a person is born gay, but that is complete   bullshit because I say so. You can become gay or ungay at any time, with   sufficient privileges. chgay allows you to change the gayness of almost   any person, with the possible exception of Gorge W Bush, who cannot be   ungayified.       SEE ALSO   chperv...........- changes the person into a pervert   chblack2white....- a very famous application made famous by Michael Jackson   chbritney........- converts any woman given as input to an insane, drug-whore     Local chgay(1) aspiringgayguy@closet ~ $