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Belly button fluff (collected last Tuesday).

Fluffalization is the process by which physical bodies get more fluffiness than they can handle. A common side effect of getting too close to a truly fluffalicious object, it can be caused by Fluffies, though its infliction upon people - be it directly or indirectly - is generally a punishment from The Holy Broken Chair of Fluffiness. The various effects and symptoms of fluffalization have been observed to typically fall into the following categories:

  1. Being reduced to a particularly fluffy pile of dust.
  2. Massive swelling of the nostrils, usually resulting in explosion, discharge of radioactive nose fluids, or harassment by homicidal screaming carrots.
  3. Extreme magnetic attraction of broken lamp-posts, followed by a slow transformation into a pile of particularly fluffy fluff.
  4. Permanent transformation into a small lump of green putty, and an eternal obsession with yellow glue.

More severe cases of fluffalization invlove complete and total fluffy obliteration.

Treatment and Coping for Victims of Fluffalization[edit]

There is no cure for fluffalization, so if you believe you have been fluffalized, or are currently undergoing fluffalization, the best advice is to run around in circles aimlessly, while keeping the downloads running, eating a bag of chips, and reciting the greek alphabet backwards. Although this will do nothing to help slow down the process of fluffalization, it will at least occupy your time until you are consumed by an angry purple badger, a giant narcissistic ferret, or a severely demented rabid possum.

Fluffalization is listed as one of the 7 most deadly diseases in the universe, although it is not truly a disease at all, but a punishment from the Holy Broken Chair of Fluffiness.