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The Council of Light is a superhero organisation that is dedicated to the preservation of peace and justice on Wheeling Jesuit University. It operates in an unofficial capacity and, strictly speaking, does not actually exist. Its actual number of members is unknown, but several key figures have revealed themselves and are actually members of the faculty at WJU. For purposes of identity protection, this article features only their pseudonyms. Mostly.


No one knows exactly when the Council of Light was founded, but many believe that God said "let there be light" and found the wrong light, so he tried again and got the council of light. But most scholars assume that it was created at the same time Wheeling Jesuit University was founded. Since then, the Council of Light has worked to save the university a wide variety of difficult situations, ranging from incompetent administrators, aliens posing as staff members, natural disasters, and good old Crusades.

Due to the Council of Light's status as a "nonexistent" organisation, members of the Council have found it necessary to operate in secret. However, this penchant to operate in secret serves more of as a guideline than as an actual rule, as more daring members tend to reveal themselves in times of great need. For example, in the 1992 battle between the lacrosse team and the track and field team, the track coach's acions and powers revealed that he was actually Hydroman, but he was compelled to intervene in order to keep the chaos under control.

In recent times, the Council of Light has operated to fight against a bungling financial team and an increasingly megalomaniacal president so as to rescue the school from hitting record debts. Most of the Council members are very popular amongst the student body, making it increasingly more difficult for League of Evil to retain control of the university's infrastructure and snack vending machines.

Base of Operations[edit]

The Council of Light operates from Jesuitdell, an extremely holy place on WJU's campus that most do not even dare to approach. As far as is known, the Council of Light has always used Jesuitdell as their primary home, even when KKK members attempted to burn it down in 1966.


Current Members of the Council[edit]

Notable Former Members[edit]

Relation to the Churchill Society[edit]

The Churchill Society, Wheeling has been an ardent ally of the Council of Light ever since it was first created. Some say that the Churchill Society is the student body's own version of the Council. In 2003, an attempt was made to publish the WJU Saga, a pamphlet advertising the Council of Light's successes over injustice. Unfortunately, this move was clamped down upon by the League of Evil.